Miranda Delamorena
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Staff Sergeant

Miranda Delamorena

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Staff Sgt. Miranda Delamorena always felt that she wanted to do something to positively impact the community in which she grew up. “Being able to help people is what drew me to the [Texas] National Guard,” she says.

"I always knew I wanted to do something for the betterment of others. Serving in the Army National Guard gives me the chance to help people who need help, and that’s something I really value."

Miranda Delamorena

Staff Sergeant | Army National Guard

Keeping Channels Open

Because of the Military, Miranda is able to help her country and her local community as an electromagnetic spectrum manager. “We find the best [electromagnetic] range for the Army to operate communication systems on,” she says. “It’s a bit like when you get in your car and you turn the knob to find the best radio station.”

Miranda and her team’s mission is crucial to our military’s communication network. “Radio systems, satellites, a lot of equipment like that has to have an electromagnetic range to operate on. If it’s not on the right frequency, it won’t work.”

Miranda is actually one of only five people in the state of Texas working in this military specialty and has helped save many civilian lives in the process. During an emergency, every second counts, so Miranda’s ability to troubleshoot communication problems ensures public service agencies and first responders know where they are needed so they can get there quickly.

Part-Time Service

As a Soldier in the Texas Army National Guard, Miranda serves part time. Her duties consist of monthly training periods called drills, which typically last two days, and an annual two-week training period called annual training (AT). Members of the Army National Guard receive their yearly training schedules in advance so they can plan ahead.

This kind of set duty schedule allows Miranda to have a full-time civilian career outside of the Military, where she serves her community even further as a police officer. “That was what really pushed me to law enforcement. Being able to interact with people who genuinely wanted your help,” she says. 

When she’s not on duty for the Military or her police department, Miranda enjoys spending time with her partner. They especially love to take their German shepherd, Xena, to a local dog park.

Miranda continues to thrive while serving both her community and her country. She loves her job, her duties and, above all else, the people. “You meet extraordinary people,” she says. “I have made so many connections and so many good friendships, and being able to lean on that support system builds my resiliency."