Sourav Choudhury
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Airman 1st Class

Sourav Choudhury

Transportation Specialist

Airman 1st Class Sourav Choudhury came to the United States from India. “This country has given me so much,” he says. His decision to enlist in the Military was driven not only by the desire to serve his country and community but also by a unique goal. Ever since he was a child, Sourav has dreamed of becoming an astronaut. He decided to join the Air Force Reserve to take the first steps in achieving this ambition.

"Serving part-time is ideal for me. The flexibility allows me to further my education and pursue a career as a [airline] pilot."

Sourav Choudhury

Airman 1st Class | Air Force Reserve

As an Airman in the Reserve, Sourav serves part time in the Military. His obligations consist of monthly training sessions called “drills” and an annual two-week training period called “AT.”  Outside of his military duties, Sourav has a civilian career and works as a pilot for United Airlines. “I’m very fortunate to be a pilot with them,” he says.

In the Military, Sourav serves as an air transportation specialist. “It’s a critical job in the Air Force because we are the ones who are transporting cargo and people, and making sure planes are loaded properly. We take care of the logistics portion of the Air Force, and it’s a cool job. You get to meet many different people who hold different areas of the job. Like, right now, I’m in the cargo section. Tomorrow, I might go to the passenger section. It’s a big and wide career field that has a lot of opportunities.” His military and civilian jobs give Sourav the opportunity to learn all aspects of aviation from the tarmac to the flight deck.

Flying High

With aspirations to advance in aviation and up to the space program, Sourav knows the Air Force can provide a path to realizing his dreams. “The next step for me is to commission as an officer and become a pilot in the Air Force Reserve. I could be an Air Force pilot, apply for Test Pilot School and eventually become an astronaut one day,” Sourav says.

The Air Force has also given Sourav the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. “The Military gives you plenty of opportunity to have a normal life — to balance your family life and even take vacations each year. I’m a very social person, so it’s great to be able to spend time with friends and family,” he says.

Although busy, Sourav is also putting his Tuition Assistance benefits toward his Ph.D. in unmanned systems at Capitol Technology University where he studies various aspects of artificial intelligence. Not only is he learning more, Sourav credits the Military with his personal growth. “I’m stronger emotionally. Before, I was very timid, but, going through Basic Military Training (BMT), I definitely learned that I can work in any environment with anyone,” he says.