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Fuel Supply Specialists

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Service Branches

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Work Environment

Fuel supply specialists work outdoors in all types of weather while filling storage tanks and refueling airplanes ships and tankers.

  • Military Status


  • Median Military Salary This is the median, or the midpoint, of the salary range for this career.


    Military Salary Range Salary varies based on years of service, degree level, special pays, family status and location.

    $22,069 - $237,558


Fuel supply specialists receive, store, account and care for, dispense, issue, and ship various fuel products including petroleum, alternate fuel, and cryogenic products. They manage, maintain, and operate fuel support equipment used for base and tactical operations. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with all safety and environmental regulations.

Military Training

All enlisted service members complete basic military training which includes time spent in a classroom and in the field and covers tactical and survival skills physical training military life and customs and weapons training. Fuel supply specialists will gain skills through classroom and on-the-job instruction including practice in using petroleum pumping equipment. Training content may include:

  • Testing oil and fuels
  • Operating various fuel dispensing and refueling systems and equipment
  • Operating and maintaining pumps pipelines and tanker equipment
  • Planning and scheduling petroleum transport
  • Safety regulations and procedures including first aid for handling hazardous materials
  • Use of lab equipment such as centrifuges and spectrometers

Helpful Attributes

  • Ability to follow spoken instructions
  • Interest in working with machines and equipment
  • Preference for physical work

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