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Physical and Occupational Therapy Specialists

Health Science

Service Branches

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Work Environment

Physical and occupational therapy specialists work in hospitals clinics and rehabilitation centers.

  • Military Status


  • Median Military Salary This is the median, or the midpoint, of the salary range for this career.


    Military Salary Range Salary varies based on years of service, degree level, special pays, family status and location.

    $31,064 - $198,543


Physical and occupational therapy specialists assist physical and occupational therapists in the development of treatment plans, carry out routine functions, document the progress of treatment, and modify specific treatments in accordance with patient status and within the scope of treatment plans established by the therapist, with the goal of helping their patients regain strength and mobility.

Military Training

All enlisted service members complete basic military training which includes time spent in a classroom and in the field and covers tactical and survival skills physical training military life and customs and weapons training. Physical and occupational therapy specialists in the Military will gain skills through classroom study including practice in providing patient healthcare and on-the-job experience. Job-specific training content may include:

  • Anatomy physiology and psychology
  • Methods of therapy including massage electric therapy and radiation therapy
  • Handling and positioning of patients
  • Principles of rehabilitation
  • Patient care

Helpful Attributes

  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Interest in working with and helping people
  • Patience to work with people whose injuries heal slowly

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