• World Travel

      World Travel

      World Travel

      Traveling the world is one added benefit of military service. With installations on most continents, the U.S. Military is prepared to mobilize on a moment’s notice. In addition, many military careers involve frequent travel, from intelligence gathering to supply delivery. The opportunity to see the globe teaches service members many valuable things about other cultures and ways of life. In fact, many service members say these are some of the most eye-opening and rewarding aspects of their chosen career.

    • 30 Days of Paid Vacation

      Active-duty service members receive 30 days of paid vacation each year, compared to the standard two weeks (14 days) for entry-level civilian careers. While there are some limitations to when vacation time can be used, service members generally receive their requested time off after giving proper advance notice to their superior officer.

      R&R Options on Military Bases

      Both domestic and international bases offer amenities to full-time residents and traveling personnel. In addition to residential and training facilities, bases sometimes feature pools, basketball and tennis courts, bowling alleys, movie theaters and recreation centers. Service members are sometimes also permitted access to private campgrounds, beaches and other attractions – great for family vacations.

      Space Available Travel

      Service members can occasionally book free flights on military aircraft. This is known as Space Available Travel, also called "Space A Travel" or "military hops." This program allows service members and their immediate families to fly for free when seats on routine flights are open. To participate, service members register in advance and wait for an unused seat to the destination of their choice. While it’s not something troops depend on for necessary trips, Space A Travel can be a great way to score an inexpensive vacation or travel home on leave.

  • World Travel Videos

  • World Travel Videos

    Get an inside look at World Travel with selections from our World Travel Videos collection.

    • A Tour of the USS Sampson

      Petty Officer Jesse Crider gives a tour of the USS Sampson destroyer warship including its mess hall, sleeping quarters and weapons deck.
    • Work and Play

      Work and Play

      Aviation Ordnanceman Karina Cortes gives a tour of her workspace on the USS Wasp in Virginia Beach, Va., as well as her apartment and where she goes to have fun when she’s off-duty.
    • An Air Force Doctor

      An Air Force Doctor

      Capt. Maria DeArman, a family medicine physician in the Air Force, explains why she decided to bring her skills to the Military.
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