FUTURES Magazine

This annual publication provides an in-depth look into the lives of the people who make up today's Military, from careers and education to in-depth stories about how they spend their time off duty. In FUTURES magazine, you’ll discover how the Military has helped men and women from every Service achieve their career and education goals while leading full, rewarding lives. FUTURES is a publication of the Department of Defense.

Education Benefits

From financial aid and college funds to loan repayment programs, the Military offers many ways to pursue an education. This infographic provides details on the various education benefits that service members can take advantage of during or after service.

Enlisting in the Military: What to Expect

As with any career, understanding the general processes and conventions maintained throughout the Services is pivotal to ensuring rewarding, successful experiences. This free resource represents a great starting point for getting a grasp on the expectations and requirements of each of the Service branches.

Jobs in the Military

There is a wide variety of jobs available in today’s Military. In this resource, you’ll discover the 16 career fields into which those jobs fall, as well as answers to some common questions about a military career.

Finding the Right Job Step by Step

With the proper preparation, the path to a successful and fulfilling military career will become clear. Use this resource to learn the four important steps any recruit should consider when going through the enlistment process.