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Artillery and Missile Officers

Intelligence, Combat and Readiness

Work Environment

Artillery and missile officers work under different conditions depending on the type of weapon system they are responsible for. Some artillery officers spend a lot of time in field training exercises, where they work, eat, and sleep outdoors and in tents. Others live and work aboard ships. Artillery and missile officers may work in locations such as underground launch command centers or submarines.

  • Military Status

    Officer, Enlisted

  • Average Military Salary



Artillery and missile officers manage personnel and weapons operations to destroy enemy positions, aircraft, and vessels. They direct artillery crew members as they position, maintain, and fire guns, cannons, howitzers, and rockets. They normally specialize by type of artillery.

Military Training

Officers typically enter the Military after they have completed a four-year college degree; enlisted service members can transition to officer positions through a variety of pathways and earn a degree while serving. Learn more about becoming an officer, here.

Like other officers, artillery and missile officers complete a comprehensive training program covering responsibilities, military structure and etiquette, traditions, and leadership development. Additional training consists of classroom and field training. Job-specific training content may include:

Helpful Attributes

  • Ability to learn and perform complex procedures
  • Ability to motivate and lead others
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • Decisiveness

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