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Arts and Media Directors

Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Service Branches

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Work Environment

Arts and media directors usually work in studios or offices. They may direct film crews on location in military camps or combat zones.

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Arts and media directors are experts in graphic arts, digital photography, layout design, cinematography, and video production. They create a variety of visual communications products for various outlets, and supervise personnel involved in the creation of such materials.

Military Training

Officers typically enter the Military after they have completed a four-year college degree; enlisted service members can transition to officer positions through a variety of pathways and earn a degree while serving. Arts and media directors may have an education in business or the arts. Job training for arts and media directors consists of classroom and on-the-job learning in various environments. Like other officers, they complete a comprehensive training program covering responsibilities, military structure and etiquette, traditions, and leadership development. Job-specific training content may include:

  • Management of military broadcasting facilities
  • Motion picture, radio, and television content, and production management
  • Public information management principles
  • Imagery production systems
  • Military media relations

Helpful Attributes

  • Ability to transform ideas into visual images
  • Interest in organizing and planning activities
  • Interest in planning and directing the work of others

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