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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialists

Intelligence, Combat and Readiness

Service Branches

Work Environment

Explosive ordnance disposal specialists work indoors and outdoors. Their ciritical duties of rendering safe and disposing of ordnance primarily takes place outdoors.

  • Military Status


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EOD specialists detect, locate, render safe, and dispose of explosive threats all over the world. These threats include chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, as well as improvised explosive devices (IED). These experts perform very dangerous work for the cause of protecting other service members and the general public.

Military Training

All enlisted service members complete basic military training, which includes time spent in a classroom and in the field, and covers tactical and survival skills, physical training, military life and customs, and weapons training. Explosive ordnance disposal specialists in the Military will gain skills through classroom study and on-the-job experience.

Helpful Attributes

  • Ability to remain calm under stress
  • Interest in working with guns and explosives
  • Attention to detail

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