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Graphic Designers and Desktop Publishers

Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Service Branches

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Work Environment

Graphic designers and desktop publishers usually work in offices on land or aboard ships.

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Graphic designers and desktop publishers use their creativity in the areas of production, maintenance, and coordination related to visual products and presentations. They use computer software or manually develop the overall layout and production design for various media such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports.

Military Training

All enlisted service members complete basic military training, which includes time spent in a classroom and in the field, and covers tactical and survival skills, physical training, military life and customs, and weapons training. Graphic designers and desktop publishers develop skills through classroom and on-the-job instruction, including practice in preparing graphic designs and illustrations.

Helpful Attributes

  • Ability to convert ideas into visual presentations
  • Interest in artwork or lettering
  • Neatness and an eye for detail
  • Understanding of visual communication

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