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The best way to learn about military life is from the people who serve every day. Each will tell you there’s so much more to a career in the Military than just putting on a uniform. Here are a few of their stories. For more, request a copy of FUTURES.

Brian Corey Abrams: ROTC Cadet and Family Man

ROTC Cadet Brian Corey Abrams will soon be graduating from Chicago State University to become an active duty logistics officer in the Army. See how the Military and his family have helped him succeed.

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Cadet Brian Abrams, U.S. Army ROTC:   My name is Brian Abrams.  I’m from Chicago, Illinois.  I attend Chicago State University.  I’m also a part of the ROTC program there.  And in the Reserve, as well.  Once I learned all the opportunities and the different paths I can take, my life has changed dramatically.  With the education that I’m getting now and with the graduating, becoming second lieutenant, looking back, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be here, to be honest with you.  I am a busy guy.  Along with being in the ROTC and being a full-time student and working on the weekends doing security...  So I stay busy.

Brian's Grandmother:  He’s a delight to have around.  My two oldest grandson, he’s like a father role.  They look up to Corey.  He’s a positive example.

Cousin 1:  I look up to him.  Because he want us to grow up and be successful, just like him.  He want -- to know how great it is.  He don’t like no C’s, or else, on our report card.

Cousin 2:  Yeah, like the...

Cousin 1:  So he want us to...  Because you want to...

Cousin 2:  Get all A’s, straight down.

Brian:   I hope that I inspire them, you know, to become whatever they want to become.  You know, I always tell them, “You can do whatever you want to do in life,” you know, “become president or a lawyer, a doctor,” you know, “You just have to work hard.”  By me being able to spend time with them...  And they see me put on my uniform.  I go to work.  I go to school.  I think their dream becomes a little closer, you know, once they see me doing what I’m doing.  I think my grandparents will say I’m a determined individual.  I believe they’ll say I work hard.  And I think they’ll say I’m a -- I’m a man.  I’m ready for Chapter 2 of my life, whether they send me to Italy or Spain or within the States.  It’s exciting, because I’ve lived in Chicago for the majority of my life and I’m ready to see the world. 

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