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Financial Managers


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Work Environment

Financial managers work primarily in offices.

  • Military Status


  • Median Military Salary This is the median, or the midpoint, of the salary range for this career.


    Military Salary Range Salary varies based on years of service, degree level, special pays, family status and location.

    $23,553 - $268,246


Financial managers direct and coordinate financial management functions and serve as advisors to leadership on all matters pertaining to programming/budgeting, finance and accounting, and cost analysis. They perform managerial operations, including the establishment of performance standards and priorities for personnel, and security requirements for safeguarding assets. They are responsible for the management of financial operations and for providing advice on effective use and redistribution of resources within fund limitations.

Military Training

Officers typically enter the Military after they have completed a four-year college degree; enlisted service members can transition to officer positions through a variety of pathways and earn a degree while serving. Financial managers may have an education in accounting finance or a related field. Job training for financial managers consists of classroom and on-the-job learning in various training environments. Like other officers they complete a comprehensive training program covering responsibilities military structure and etiquette traditions and leadership development. Job-specific training content may include:

  • Financial management techniques including budget preparation and review
  • Military finance and resource management
  • Government accounting and budgeting systems
  • Personnel management and evaluation
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Effective allocation of scarce resources

Helpful Attributes

  • Interest in planning and directing the work of others
  • Interest in work requiring accuracy and attention to detail
  • Preference for working with numbers and statistics

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Helping Soldiers! 36B, Finance Management

After transferring from the Minnesota National Guard, Sgt. First Class Lee found a full-time position in the Iowa National Guard. She enjoys helping Soldiers with their pay and financial questions! The financial management technician is responsible for financial management duties such as budgeting, disbursing and accounting for government funds. They make sure vendors are paid, budgets are balanced and financial matters are met so the Army National Guard keeps running.

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I am sergeant Lee my role in the guard right now is financial management technician. That is basically a banker in the military terms. In a deployment situation I would be someone who exchanges currency. Someone who can get you cash kind of like an ATM. Any payment questions that you have or issues that you have that would be something that my team would take care of.