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Food Service Specialists

Hospitality & Tourism

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Work Environment

Food service specialists normally work in clean, sanitary kitchens and dining facilities. They may sometimes work in refrigerated meat lockers. Sometimes they work outdoors in tents while preparing and serving food under field conditions.

  • Military Status


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Food service specialists function in every aspect of food preparation, including administration, procurement, storage, and distribution. They plan menus, purchase supplies, cook food, operate food service equipment, and provide customer service.

Military Training

All enlisted service members complete basic military training, which includes time spent in a classroom and in the field, and covers tactical and survival skills, physical training, military life and customs, and weapons training. Job training for food service specialists consists of classroom and on-the-job instruction, including practice in food preparation.

Helpful Attributes

  • Interest in cooking
  • Interest in working with the hands

Related Civilian Careers

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